Indiana College & Career Readiness Survey

Welcome to the Indiana College & Career Readiness Survey

Your school is participating in the Indiana College & Career Readiness Survey. The results of the surveys will help your school counselor, your community and Indiana colleges design activities and programs that will help you and your classmates prepare for and succeed in college.


How do I begin?

To take the surveys, enter the survey code provided by your school here:


A note about confidentiality and participation:

Individual responses to the questions about student choices related to educational success and guidance needs (which some schools may choose to include in the survey) are confidential unless you indicate during the survey that you would like your answers to be shared with colleges and/or your school counselor.  

Some schools may choose to include survey questions about issues that may interfere with learning and students’ perceptions of their school counselor’s knowledge, skills and dispositions.  Individual responses to these questions are confidential and will never be shared with anyone under any circumstances.  In fact, the survey has been designed so responses to these questions will never be electronically linked to a student’s name or any other information that may be used to identify a student.

This survey is being conducted online and, as with all information transmitted via the Internet, there is the possibility that your answers could be intercepted by a third party. 

Participation in this survey is voluntary.